About the Band - general info

The Clark Colborn Band could wear many labels: progressive rock, metal, hard rock, prog-metal, experimental, classic rock , neo-prog, even avant-garde. Pick one you like. The band doesn't really care about labels; they just want to make unique and interesting music. If that means spanning many styles or making it difficult to pigeonhole them, well... tough.

Brett Watland, Joel Baer and Clark Colborn are not afraid to display their technical prowess, nor are they afraid to embrace a primitive power-chord based riff, if it moves the song forward and engages the listener. When the three take the stage together, they have a single goal: to rock their audience with an energetic and cathartic performance. They understand that an audience is looking to be entertained, even thrilled, and every gig is an opportunity to take the audience on a ride away from their day-to-day routines and challenges by giving them a truly unique and engaging musical experience.

Brett Watland - Bass & vocals

Brett comes to Clark’s band out of the progressive funk-rock-metal powerhouse called Fist Funk Fury. Prior to that Brett rocked stages around the greater Chicago area in The Strange, as well as recording and touring the US with the band Ballistic. Brett brings power, groove, and ferocity to each and every performance as well as matching fretboard pyrotechnics with Clark.


Clark Colborn - Guitar & vocals

After years of electrifying audiences in roadhouses, underground rock clubs and smoky bars with Midwest bands such as Cheater, Rogue, Sleight of Hand & others, Clark decided to step out on his own. His vision was to write, record and perform his own breed of music, drawing heavily from his many influences:  Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Ursa Major, early Queen, Captain Beyond, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, and of course, Jimi Hendrix.

Joel Baer - Drums & vocals

On drums and backing vocals is Joel Baer, who has recorded and toured the US & Europe with Corey Dennison, Susan Aguila, and many others. His seamless melding of metal, jazz, and hard rock techniques pushes the Clark Colborn Band into rarified territory usually occupied by bands such as Rush, Dream Theater, and Yes.