The whole story about "Ramona's Prayer"

A while back I mentioned that I was recording a song for a movie, and I thought I would finally make time to tell you the story.

The movie is a short form, experimental film being written & directed by a young woman named

Talk about burying the lead...

Lyndon Johnson is president, gas is 33¢ per gallon, Sean Connery is James Bond, 911 systems do not exist, no place in the world has a law requiring you to wear a seat belt, the hand-held calculator has not yet been invented, the BBC still broadcasts in only black & white, the Andy Griffith Show is the number one television show, and “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra is the Grammys song of the year....

2016, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I typically try to avoid end-of-the-year recaps, because I like to look towards tomorrow, rather than dwell on the past. I’m a firm believer in making things happen today and planning for the future.  But sometimes it is good for the soul to look back and see if I actually got anything done recently. So I’m going with the flow, and doing a little recap of the year for me, and in general. I’m breaking it into three sections, as implied in the title.

First, the Good:

Astounding 6 year experiment has ended

ClarkPlaysGuitar dot com has been around for 15 years this month. Wow. It's crazy how time flies. Over this decade-and-a-half the internet has changed a lot, and I’ve tried to keep this site in step with the “world wide web” as things changed. This has meant...

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