Studio update: Recording the "Fading Away" solo

Hi everyone. New posts have been a little slow coming lately, as life has been kind of challenging over the last couple of months. Lots of things happening that need to be dealt with, and the end result is that I have had very little time to practice my guitar, let alone work on the new album or make videos. I have managed to get enough things under control that I was able to lock myself away and put in some very intensive practice, with the intention of putting down a couple of final guitar tracks on two songs.

Somewhere in the middle of the process I decided that getting video of the recording sessions might be cool. Now, keep in mind that I am not in some state-of-the-art, large, fancy studio! I'm just slugging away in my very small, very humble studio, all by myself. So I set up the video camera, explained what the plan was, and let it rip. Kind of...

I'm recording the guitar solo for "Fading Away," a song that will be on my upcoming album "Obscurotica." I have a couple bits worked out, but I am improvising the rest. The first couple of attempts were not good. In fact, they were embarrassing, so I edited it all away. Then, as you'll see in the video, I'm about to do a new take and a text message comes in on my phone, totally messing with my focus. All in all, I think I did four or five bad or mediocre takes, which I cut out of the video. But I did get one take that I am happy with, and you'll see it in the video. 

The sound on the video is just from the mics on the camera. The previously recorded tracks are playing through my studio monitors, fairly loudly, so that you could hear what I was playing along to, and my guitar is coming out of my amp. I had headphones on, with the recorded tracks and my guitar being fed into them. There isn't any processing or effects on the guitar in the video, but when the track is mixed there will be a little reverb, delay, maybe some EQ, and probably some compression. But you'll get the general idea of how the song will go from the video.

Forgive my messy looks; that's just how it is on recording days! Maybe for the next video I'll dress up a little! Anyway, I hope you find this video kind of fun and entertaining.

Until next time, be kind, live well, and rock hard!