Woof. More Facebook Gripes!

I know, I know! I complain about Facebook too much, lol. As you may know, I totally bailed on FB a while back, and although I eventually returned, the time I spend there is very limited. I generally do not scroll through the news feed, I just post something I hope somebody will find interesting, then I log off. When I tried to post today, it took about four minutes for the page to load, and whatever I tried to type did not show up on the screen until a second or two after I typed it. I call this the FB Sludge, and it happens about 10% of the time when I try to post.

Another symptom of the FB Sludge is that only one or two posts will show up in my news feed, and today the only one that popped up was an ad. Sigh... so it seems that I am not meant to be a Facebook star, or even a Facebook regular. If you are a Facebook fan, please do not take this as an insult to you. I just have to work with the tools that work for me, and for whatever reason, FB is not one I can rely on. (Which makes me crazy, because I know a couple folks who have built pretty good followings using FB.)

I am trying to post here more often, and also on Instagram & Twitter when I can. Join me on those social media sites, or here, and if you want to get the very rare newsletter, special offers, and first access to new music, join the Secret Club. I won't tell anyone.

Anyway, here's all I was trying to post today: in the next week or so I should have a couple new videos for you; one about my vintage Gibson SG Jr. guitar, and one about a new tune called "3 Minute Funk" from my upcoming album "Obscurotica."  

Until next time, be kind, live well, & rock hard.