Clark Plays Guitar CD - Full-length album

This was Clark Colborn's first release as a solo artist, and for some bizarre reason he was talked into not using his actual name. Even his live band performed as "Clark Plays Guitar" for many years. Now you know why this website still bears the same name - - and if you want to know why this all came to be, well... there is a story & soon we'll post it somewhere on the new site. Meanwhile...

Clark Colborn has been hailed as a great guitarist for a very long time & this CD proves he's got the goods. Ripping solos. Driving riffs. Melodies that move your soul. Tone that makes other guitarists weak in the knees. It's all there. Guitar Player Magazine said "His tone comes on like Godzilla..." and said the music is "brilliantly schizoid." Click on the sound samples & check it out. Then order one for yourself and one for the guitar fan in your life. You'll be glad you did.


$15  CPG exclusive price: $10 plus shipping

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