Frank Made Me Do It!

by Clark Colborn

Released 2014
Radio Alarm Music
Released 2014
Radio Alarm Music
This EP is four original songs inspired by the amazing Frank Zappa & a cover of his tune "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama." Of course, since it IS Clark Colborn doing this there will plenty of blistering guitar, just in a much more FZ type environment!
What can I say about this small, strange collection of tunes? Let’s start with this: Frank Zappa was a huge influence on me. His sense of absurdity, sense of humor, and total musical fearlessness totally captivated me, and over the years he has been an influence on me in more ways than I can describe. But – I have never tried to be a clone of Frank or to write music that sounded like him. I have always tried to be me, and just let the principles Frank embraced guide me at times when I felt lost. This has led to musical compositions that didn’t really fit with most of what I do as a solo artist stylistically. So they have gathered dust inside my brain. Until now.

I humbly present to you four of my songs that FZ inspired me to write, plus a cover of his immortal “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.” Yes, these four tracks of mine are a little weird. Most importantly, they’re fun. They are a little crazy, musically, lyrically, or both, but it is not my fault, really. Frank made me do it.

Gimpy the Weasel – Clark Colborn: guitars, keyboard, bass, vocals, compliment to the choir; Joel Baer: drums, rhythmic juju; Adam Colborn: trumpets; Ethan Colborn: glockenspiel; The Mustela Choir: vocals; Gimpy the Weasel: spoken word during opening & closing

Elephant Hoosegow – Clark: guitars, bass; David Goldyn: drums; Gimpy the Weasel: lead vocal; The Pachyderm Liberation Vocal Ensemble: vocals

Happy, Happy Man Parts – Clark: Guitars, bass, drums, vocals

The Staker Song – Clark: guitars, monologue, bass, vocals, piano; David Goldyn: drums, moral guidance; Melissa Ridgeway: vocals & yummy sounds

My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama – Clark: guitars, bass, vocals; David Goldyn: drums